Workshop Description

An Introduction to TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) with Newspapers

TEI is a consortium that develops guidelines for encoding texts in order to make them available online for research and learning. TEI can act as a tool to preserve, disseminate, and teach texts of all kinds, including newspapers, and thus can play essential roles in many digital humanities projects and digitization efforts at libraries, museums, and universities. This workshop will provide the foundation necessary to learn scholarly editing techniques and begin a TEI project with newspapers. Learners will have an opportunity to apply TEI guidelines using the XML editor oXygen** after being introduced to the basic concepts and guidelines of TEI.


–          Identify what TEI is and what it can do for newspapers
–          Demonstrate basic functions of the XML editor oXygen
–          Create an encoded document and apply TEI guidelines to a news article**

**Participants who wish to follow along with creating a TEI document should bring a laptop with a free trial of oXygen XML Editor downloaded in advance ( ).